Bikes Prove Dreams Come True

Bikes prove dreams come true. The Weekly Herald – April 13, 2011

The members of the Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group had a dream.

They dreamed that children in South County could learn to ride bikes safely and legally, leading to a lifetime of enjoyment, health benefits and reduction of pollution.

In the past, this Edmonds bike group sponsored bicycle rodeos at some local grade schools, assisted by Fred Bonallo, formerly of the Edmonds Police Department. Children brought their own bikes to a bicycle rodeo on a Saturday. However, the bike group members spent most of the time getting the children’s bikes into usable shape, children who didn’t have bikes were excluded, and not much learning took place in one session. The dream didn’t seem to be working.

The local bike group heard of a safety program conducted by the 13,000 member-strong Cascade Bicycle Club for the Seattle School District. The dozen or so members of the Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group dreamed of a similar program in the Edmonds School District. Was this an impossible dream?

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