Edmonds Ferry Terminal to Interurban Trail, Edmonds

Favorite Ride

by Jan Niemi

Distance: ~ 3.5 miles
(See map of the route from intersection of Dayton St & Railroad Ave to the Interurban Trail here.)
• Depart from the Edmonds ferry terminal, and immediately turn right on Railroad Avenue, heading south to Dayton Street
• On Dayton St, turn left (east). You can either continue on Dayton all the way up to 6th Ave South (Dayton Street traffic can be busy at times, however).
Alternate route: from Dayton Street, turn right on 3rd Ave S, and then turn left on Walnut St, and continue uphill on Walnut St until you reach 6th Ave South, then continue at the ** marks below.
• From Dayton Street, once you reach 6th Ave South, turn right (south) onto 6th Ave
• At corner of 6th Ave S and Walnut St (3-way stop), turn left (riding east), ** go ~ ½ block (east), then turn right onto 6th Ave South again.
• At 6th Ave S & Pine Street, turn left (east) and go ~ ½ block. At “A” Street turn right (south) and ride until it intersects with Elm Street.
• At Elm St, turn left (east)
• At 8th Ave, turn right (south)
• At Elm Way, turn left (east).
• OR at 14th St turn left (east). Then backtrack north until you reach 220th St SW.
• At Elm Way & 9th Ave, cross over 9th Ave. Continues on as 220th St SW (east)
• You can continue riding on 220th St SW (crossing Hwy.99/Aurora) until it intersects with the InterUrban Trail (just before reaching Premera BC), but the marked bike lanes on 220th St SW now end at 76th Ave W, and traffic can be dicey along 220th St SW from that point eastward until reaching the trail.
• 2 Preferred Options are: Ride on 220th St SW until reaching 84th Ave W, and then turn right (south) on 84th Ave W. Cross over the bridge ~ 1 block away. At 224th St SW (Barbara Ann Park sign), turn left (east). (Approx. 2.8 miles from Edmonds ferry terminal to this point.)
• OR, ride on 220th St SW until reaching 80th Ave W, then turn right (south) on 80th Ave W, and then turn left (east) onto 224th St SW (Esperance Park).
• Continue east on 224th St SW, and cross over Hwy.99/Aurora at the light (near Ranch Market 99, aka: Former K-Mart store)
Be Aware: When crossing Hwy 99 at 224thSt SW, the right lane is a turn right only lane, so you must be in the left lane with your bicycle, which is for left turns & going straight across Hwy 99. This crossing can be risky at times, especially with vehicles approaching from the opposite direction. If you feel uncomfortable doing this crossing on bike, use the pedestrian crossing instead.
• Ride ~ 2 blocks east on 224th St SW, past the Mill Creek Condos that are seen on your left.
• You will see the Seabrook Dental Lab sign straight ahead. The InterUrban Trail crosses 224th St SW just before the Dental Lab’s parking lot. (Approx. 3.5 miles from Edmonds ferry terminal to the InterUrban trail.)

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