FYI from Jan – “Undriver’s License” – June 21, 2013

I have to forward this one along.  This emailed photo & caption (below) just arrived in my inbox.  I really like this idea, getting an Undriver’s License…..walk, bicycle, ride a bus, train, whatever….but pledge to reduce the use of your car.  Or for children, get them accustomed to the idea early on of not needing to have a driver’s license to get around, at least not all the time….ride a bike, walk, public transit.

FYI – I’m going to a midsummer party later today via Community Transit and walking, only because I can’t carry my potluck contribution easily on my bike.  I have 2 vehicles at home right now that will stay put in my garage.  I planned this before I read the email below from Sound Transit, but I really like their idea.


Sound Transit Photo of the Week for June 21 – 27, 2013If you cannot see this image, visit to see the latest Photo of the Week.Taking the Undriver pledge
Visitors to a recent Auburn Farmers Market wait for a chance to receive their own Undriver License™. Sound Transit is an Official Licensing Partner with Undriving, a local non-profit founded in 2007, that encourages people to drive less. Besides the Auburn Farmers Market, Sound Transit’s Undriver License Station will be at fairs and festivals throughout the summer where people can pledge to reduce their car use, choose fun props for their license photo and get their own personalized license. The Undriver License Station will be at this Saturday’s Kent Farmers Market and again at the Auburn Farmers Market on July 28.

If you’d like to learn more about what’s happening at Sound Transit, visit the CEO Corner at


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