Help Is Needed for After-School Bike Club

To Edmonds Area Cyclists and Parents,

I wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity that is happening at Sherwood Elementary School. Cascade Bicycle Club has organized an after-school Urban Cycling Club. The club builds on the Basics of Bicycling program that is taught in their P.E. classes, which many Edmonds children have participated in as elementary and middle school students in the Edmonds School District during the past 6 years.

If any of you are interested in assisting Shannon Koller of Cascade Bicycle Club with young student cyclists in this Urban Cycling Club at Sherwood Elementary School in Edmonds, Shannon would like to have your support/assistance on the 2 road rides on Wednesday, 4/22/15 and 4/29/15.

See Shannon’s email below. Please contact her at Cascade Bicycle Club if you are available to help with the two road rides in the Edmonds area.


———- Forwarded Message ———-


The [Sherwood] Urban Cycling Club is having it’s second meeting today (3/25/15). The club is full with 12 kids. Would love to have your support on the 2 road rides on Wed 4/22 and Wed 4/29. We will likely cross over Hwy 104 and head up to the quieter streets (8th Ave, 9th Ave, for example, so that kids can practice riding through uncontrolled intersections, 2 way stops, etc.)


Shannon Koller
Director of Education
Cascade Bicycle Club

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