Help Is Needed To Plan Bike Routes for Kids Bike Club

To All Cyclists & Cycling Fans,

If any of you are interested in assisting Shannon Koller of Cascade Bicycle Club with planning road ride routes for an after-school Urban Cycling Club at Brier Terrace Middle School (Edmonds School District) that began this fall, please see Shannon’s email below, and contact her at her Cascade email address. The club’s first road ride will be October 28th.


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From: Shannon Koller

Hi All,

I wanted to let you know about an exciting project that we have going on at Brier Terrace Middle School…we have organized an after-school Urban Cycling Club and we already have a full roster with 15 kids signed up. The club builds on the Advanced Basics of Bicycling program that is taught in their P.E. class and that many of them have taken as an elementary school student in the ESD.

We will have 7 after-school sessions; the first 3 will be on the campus, reinforcing traffic and riding skills, and the last 4 will be road rides, departing from the school. The club will be led by me and assisted by another Cascade colleague, 3 of the P.E. teachers at Brier Terrace, and an avid cyclist who is a parent of a child at this school. Since I have limited knowledge of the area, I’m wondering if anyone is interested in helping me plan the road rides. I would like the kids to gain experience with some of the different infrastructure (bike lanes, 4 way intersections, unmarked intersections, etc) and also to practice their gearing. Please contact me if you would like to help with this project. Our first road ride will be Oct 28th.

Thanks, Shannon

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