June 19th EBAG Ride/Info on July 4th Parade Ride – Update from Jan – June 17, 2013

Hi Folks,

I’m combining 2 topics in this update, so please go to the very bottom of this post if you are interested in participating in the Edmonds 4th of July Parade as a cyclist or walker.

First, I hope you are enjoying the nice summer cycling weather, and that some of you will be joining us this Wednesday the 19th for our annual EBAG group ride.  In keeping with our group’s custom of doing a June group bike ride, instead of holding a meeting this June, our ride will be held on June 19th, as well as a celebration of the one-year anniversary of the Edmonds link of the Interurban Trail that was completed & officially opened last year on June 19th.  The scenic Edmonds section of the Interurban Trail will be a part of our ride this Wednesday, and we’re looking forward to showing it to anyone who has not yet walked or ridden a bike on it.

Meet Date & Time: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 @ 5:50pm (We’ll have a brief review of the route & a SMART reminder before we depart on the ride.) (June 19th is the 1-year anniversary of the official opening of the Edmonds section of the Interurban Trail)

Depart Time: 6pm (please wear a bike helmet)

Meeting Location: Edmonds Library (near the bike rack in front)

Distance: ~15 miles

Peter Hallson (CBC trained ride leader) will be leading this group ride from downtown Edmonds to the Interurban Trail, then South through the new Edmonds section of the Interurban Trail, and continuing South on 76th to connect to the King County Interurban.

The ride will continue to the Bitter Lake area. We will then return via Innis Arden and Woodway back to Edmonds.

If you have any questions, or would like to join us to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Edmonds section of the Interurban Trail, go to our June 19th ride’s event page, or you can simply meet us at the Edmonds library bike rack ~5:50pm this Wednesday.

Secondly, at a past EBAG meetings, I recall someone mentioned that EBAG as a group had cycled in some past year or two at the Edmonds 4th of July parade, and had thought maybe it was something to think about for the future.  I think that the below email we recently received is rather short notice for us to try to organize as a group to participate in this year’s parade, especially since 4th of July is usually a very busy family day & vacation time for many folks.  However, if you are interested in riding/walking in this year’s parade with the OMF (Operation Military Family) of Edmonds, see Leesha Hazel’s email below.  At a future EBAG meeting, we can discuss the idea of riding as a group in a future 4th of July parade when we’ve had plenty of time to advance plan for it.



RE: 4th of July


My name is Leesha Hazel. I am currently volunteering with Operation
Military Family (OMF) located in Edmonds, Washington.

I am contacting you to invite you to join us in the Edmonds, WA – 4th of
July parade. We want to partner with you in support of the military
community. Perhaps you are a vet, know someone, or currently serving.

This invitation involves riding with us behind the Operation Military Family
Banner in the parade showing your support. Our goal is to have 200
walking/riding participants supporting this most deserving segment of our
community. Also, we are hosting a BBQ on the 5th. Specific information is
contained at the invitation link below. There is an option to register (no
charge) via Facebook or email. Also, if those options are not available,
please contact me personally.


I hope that you will accept our invitation, join us on the 4th for the
parade & BBQ on the 5th, and partner with us for future events. Please feel
free to forward this to those who share your values as well as this cause.

Please let me know if you can join us. Feel free to contact me at any time
if have questions or suggestions. Hope to see you all on the 4th.


Leesha Hazel
P O Box 1024
Edmonds, WA 98020

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