Bicyclists Roll Along on Bike to Work Day

Bicyclists roll along on Bike to Work Day. My Edmonds News – May 18, 2013

“Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration from a co-worker to accomplish big goals.

Edmonds resident Teresa Ball, who normally takes a Community Transit bus to her job in Mountlake Terrace, decided to break from her normal routie and bicycle to work on Friday’s annual Bike to Work Day.

Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group (EBAG) members greeted Ball as she rode into the Bike to Work station that the group had set up across from the Edmonds Ferry Terminal.  Joining Ball was Cassandra Gross, a fellow employee, who had just come off the ferry as part of her commute from Poulsbo. The two stopped for coffee and conversation before heading off by bicycle to the Swedish/Edmonds annex on 220th Street Southwest.”

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