Recap of EBAG Meeting February 20, 2013

Update from Jan:

At our EBAG meeting last night, we discussed the new incoming WA Transportation Secretary, Lynn Peterson, from Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s staff. See Wednesday’s Herald story weblink below if you had not yet read this article:Oregon woman named to lead state transportation office.

Interestingly, today’s Herald has this gas tax hike story on the front page, and the current proposal includes a new sales fee of $25 on bicycles worth $500 or more. See the Herald story:Road Plan Hikes Gas Tax

Other discussions last night included:
Topics heard at the Transportation Advocacy Day (2/12/13) in Olympia (ie: HB1045-giving local authority to cities/towns to lower speeds to 20mph on non-arterial neighborhood streets; EBAG & B.I.K.E.S. cyclists meeting with our representatives: Peter Hallson, John Carlin, Warren Bare attended this event in Olympia last week.)

HB1045 Info can be found at: Neighborhood Safe Streets Bill Fact Sheet January 2013.

Safe Routes to School Grants in Edmonds School District: Mountlake Terrace Elementary (currently), and Sherwood Elementary, Edmonds (August 2013-2015), which include educational element funding for: Basics of Bicycling program, Bike Safety Assembly/Bike Rodeo, bike helmets, participation in Bike To School Month (May), Walk To School Month (Oct). Bertrand Hauss is the contact for the Sherwood Elementary projects, if there are questions.

Peter Hallson gave an Edmonds-focused “Basics Of Bicycling” presentation with a PPT slideshow and the Swedish-Edmonds BOB video. to the Edmonds Daybreakers Rotary Club this week…getting the word out to more Edmonds residents. It was a terrific presentation. If anyone wishes to see it, I’m sure Peter or I could show it at a future EBAG meeting.

Bike To Work Day, Friday, May 17, 2013 – EBAG is again hosting a station; the location is again at Vatika India Cuisine’s outdoor picnic area, near the Edmonds ferry terminal & train station. Setup time will be starting ~5:15-5:30am, and our station will be open 6am-9am. There will be a celebration bike ride from Edmonds PCC to our Vatika station; our rider leader is Bertrand Hauss, Edmonds City Transportation Engineer. We will again have hot coffee donated by the Edmonds Starbucks coffee shop–located near our water fountain; freshly baked scones from Edmonds PCC; and tent, tables, serve-ware, etc from Just Frogs Toads Too (Thayer Cueter), and Reid Larson. Please support our many sponsors, who so generously support us, year after year. So far, we’re not sure about where the bike mechanic(s) may come from, since Bicycles West-Lynnwood location bike shop was closed last August; their Burien & Tukwila bike shops are still open. Mary (CBC) and I will be discussing this. Please contact me if you are interested in helping with our Bike To Work Day event, or have any questions.

Bike To School Day, Thursday, May 9, 2013 & May is Bike To School Month – Jenny Almgren at CBC is seeking volunteers to help organize and work Bike To School Day activities for the Mountlake Terrace Elementary School this May. You can contact Jenny at:

Updates to the EBAG website, to add new BOB (Basics Of Bicycling) info about the Edmonds School BOB program, and make miscellaneous edits to the website. John Larpenteur will be working on this. He may need the assistance of an EBAG story-writer. If you are interested, please contact John.

Bring on the sunshine….Chilly Hilly is this coming Sunday, Feb. 24th!

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