Recap of EBAG Meeting September 21, 2011

Meeting notes by Reid Larson:

Peter led off with a great status report of the Basics of Bicycling program. It has expanded in scope and funding beyond anyone’s expectations or dreams. Peter and Hank noted that it may be a challenge to let people in other organizations (such as the Edmonds School District and the Cascade Bicycle Club) do their jobs while making sure that the program continues to get the attention it deserves. Kudos especially to Peter Hallson, Peter Block, Hank Landau, Fred Bonallo and Roy Chapel for their tireless efforts to make this program successful.

Jan and Alicia talked about the EBAG booth at Edmonds Night Out in July. We got a lot of attention and positive feedback from the community. Everybody felt it was a worthwhile effort. It occurs every year on the third Tuesday in July. Kudos to Janice Corbett, Thayer Cueter, and Jan Niemi for making this happen, and thanks to Alicia Brattin, who made the suggestion that EBAG should participate in Edmonds Night Out, since this event’s goal is so well aligned with our bike group. Hopefully we can do it again next year.

John talked about preparations for the annual Kitsap Color Classic breakfast on Sunday September 25. This year, John will be allowed to load up the refrigerator on Saturday, reducing the stress on Sunday and eliminating the need to find refrigerator space for all that food. John indicated he has enough volunteers and the weather report for Sunday looks good. We will again charge only $5 for the breakfast this year, but will discuss future plans at another meeting. John will once again organize and do all the preparatory work. I don’t know how we could do the breakfast without him.

Bertrand brought us up to date on several ongoing projects, including the Edmonds portion of the Interurban Trail. John showed a nice map of several loop rides in Edmonds including one over 25 miles. Bertrand created this map based on input from Bike Group members. Bertrand also described the project to pave the connection between Pioneer Way in Shell Park and Main Street. Connection can be seen on map.

This connection will be gated and primarily intended for emergency access and for residential use when the steep portion of Pioneer Way near Bowdoin Way is too slippery to be used safely. It is expected that pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the new connection year round. John pointed out the the new connection will make it easy to ride from Maple Street through Yost Park to Pine Ridge Park. There’s a secret connection to Pine Ridge Park under Main Street! [Maybe we could organize a fun “Edmonds Secret Connections” bike ride someday.]

At the end of the meeting (it ran past 9:30) Bertrand showed us the preliminary plans for a roundabout at Five Corners. I captured the essence of this discussion in an email to Bertrand.

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