Share the Road License Plate


Show your love of cycling and help make the roads safer for everyone! Whether you’re a competitive racer, daily commuter or recreational rider, the new Share the Road license plate is the ultimate cycling accessory. Transform your car into a bicycling billboard and remind others to share the road every time you drive.

Plus, when you buy or renew Share the Road license plates, you’ll be helping the Bicycle Alliance of Washington advocate for cyclists throughout our state. And it’s a tax-deductible donation for you!

More information about buying a Share the Road license plate and a downloadable application is available at Bicycle Alliance.

“As of March 31, 2013, over 5209 plates have been sold!” – Bicycle Alliance

Help the Bicycle Alliance continue to help us!


Share the Road, Share the Message
By Kat Marriner

“I saw my first one yesterday… #00512. Satisfying to think that means there are many more out there on the roads of Washington. Some day I hope there are 50,012 out there all spouting the same message: “Share the road with bicycles.”

I’m talking about the new license plate with a cyclist on it and the words “Share the Road.” It’s a message near and dear to my heart, not only because Willie and I use our bikes for transportation and travel, but because I spent nearly a year working on the application process and plate design with the Bicycle Alliance of Washington.

In researching the appeal of such a plate, I discovered that every person who rides a bike shares one common concern — safety. We all want to have a respected place on the road. We all wish drivers would see us before turning corners, opening their doors, racing through red lights, hogging a lane or cutting us off. The goal of the plate is to bring that awareness to everyone who sees the plate — think of it as a mini, moving billboard that catches your eye and implants a tiny message. See it often enough and that tiny message is more like a shout.

I hope you’ll help me spread the word that this plate is available for purchase and to think about getting one next time you renew your license tabs.

In the first 7 months of sales, approximately 1,100 Share the Road license plates have been purchased. The Bicycle Alliance will begin receiving revenue ($28 per plate and renewal) this summer. The faster plates sell, the sooner we can do more to benefit bicyclists in Washington. Please pass this information along to anyone who may be interested.

As a cyclist, seeing that plate on a car is a tip of the hat, a thumbs up, a sign of solidarity. Thank you #00512 for sharing the road and sharing the message.

See you down the road.”

Updated from the Bicycle Alliance of Washington ADVOCATE