Update from Jan – July 8, 2013

Hi All,

Bruce Duncan posted his short video on YouTube (from our EBAG June group ride, taken after we turned around near N 130th St in the new section of Cycle Track on the Interurban Trail). If you want to check out his video on YouTube, it is at: http://youtu.be/FKz9FXgW-kk.

FYI – I am submitting the paperwork this week to register EBAG for a table at EDMONDS NIGHT OUT (ENO), which will be held on Tuesday, July 30th – 5-8pm at Frances Anderson Field.  Setup time usually starts at 4pm.  We’ve had a reserved table at ENO the past 2 summers, and we always have a nice turnout of folks who stop by to chat with us, and to pickup whatever freebies we are giving away, as well as Cascade Bicycle Club handout pamphlets, and Snohomish County bike trail maps.  The kids who are learning to ride a bike at Basics Of Bicycling (BOB) program in our Edmonds schools stop by to chat, and often times with their parents, so it’s a great opportunity to ask questions of the kids about what they learned and what they enjoyed in their BOB PE classes, as well as chat with their parents about this program. Often times, their parents are unaware that their children participated in BOB in their PE classes, so this is a good time to educate them about the program.

Anyone who is going to be available that afternoon & evening, I could use at least a couple of volunteers, or more, to help setup & tear-down our table/tent, as well as chat with the kids & their parents.  Thayer (the Frog Lady) will likely be setup next to us again, as in the past 2 years.  Her tent & VW bus for Just Frogs Toads Too & Friends,   http://www.justfrogs.com/  is a real draw for the children.  I still need to ask her if we can borrow one of her tents again, in case we have bad weather or extremely hot sun on that date.

Also, if anyone has some goodies for giveaways for the kids at this event (back-to-school supplies, backpacks, bike accessories, etc), please let me know what you have available & we can arrange to meet so you can give your items to me, or you could deliver them to us at our table/tent when we are doing the setup on July 30.

I hope you are all getting out to ride your bike in our terrific weather!

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