Worst Year Since 1997 for Mudslides Hitting the Tracks

Worst year since 1997 for mudslides hitting the tracks. King5.com – March 18, 2011

King5 TV news story about the series of mudslides in 2011 that halted the Sounder passenger service that serves Seattle to Edmonds, Mukilteo, & Everett. EBAG member, Jan Niemi was interviewed (at 1:50 minutes of the 2:18 minute video).

EDMONDS, Wash. — It’s the morning commute from Edmonds, as passengers board a bus, instead of the Sounder commuter train they were supposed to be on.

A few minutes later the reason for the switch becomes clear, as a work train heads north to dig mud off the tracks. The train isn’t coming down from Everett. It’s canceled.

Watch the video.

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